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Lapazul Retreat & Hotel - Costa Rica

In response to the COVID-19 challenges, Patricia Elizabeth enlisted our help to enhance Lapazul Resort's marketing in Costa Rica. Our collaboration highlighted both the resort's amenities and nearby attractions, creating captivating room videos and heartfelt staff interviews. We focused on showcasing local cuisine and music, offering an immersive virtual tour. With over 12.7K views, our tour invites viewers to experience Lapazul's tropical paradise from anywhere. Embrace the allure of Lapazul and embark on an unforgettable Costa Rican getaway.

Children's Museum of Idaho

"When the Children's Museum of Idaho sought a $2 million investment for expansion due to rising visitor numbers, I consulted Glen from the local Chamber event for advice on attracting top investors, banks, and credit unions. Glen and his team proposed a comprehensive 3D virtual tour showcasing every aspect of our facility, particularly for investors unfamiliar with it. I'm thrilled to announce that we've secured the $2 million investment, nearing completion of construction and set to open our expanded facility in 2024.

The engaging videos created by StandOut Marketing Pros have significantly boosted our popularity, drawing increasing attention daily. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Glen and his team for their unwavering support and invaluable guidance throughout this transformative journey. Their contributions have been crucial in turning our aspirations into reality. Thank you for being a pivotal part of our success."

Pat Baker - Executive Director

REceived $2 Million expansion Opening 2024

"We've been partnering with StandOut Marketing Pros for

over 7 years now"

Consign Furniture Boise

"From the beginning, we knew we needed more than just a social media or web company. We were in search of a team that could truly work with us, navigating the complexities of marketing and advertising to guide us in the right direction. Amidst a sea of salespeople, Glen Lexa and his team stood out by working side by side with us from the start. They began by creating a 3D virtual tour, which we update monthly, along with captivating videos that set us apart from the competition. Even today, we continue to stand out in our industry.

Our videos, showcasing the latest trends in furniture and décor, are updated weekly. With a facility spanning over 63,000 ft², StandOut Marketing Pros tailors our marketing strategy each month to ensure it resonates with our target audience, reaching their eyes and ears for the upcoming quarter. This dynamic approach has been instrumental in helping us consistently achieve our revenue goals year after year. We now average over 200,000 unique views annually, and our growth trajectory continues. We extend our heartfelt thanks to the StandOut team for their unwavering support and expert guidance. Here's to many more successful years ahead!"

Dave Martinez - Managing Partner / Owner

Sport West & Spa West - Reno

"As the owner of SportWest Athletic Club and SpaWest, I sought a marketing company to promote our expansive 30,000 ft² facility and its variety of classes. That's when we found Glen Lexa and his team at StandOut Marketing Pros.

Their recommendation of a 3D tour and engagement videos was a game-changer, garnering over 14,000 views and 709 monthly visitors. They're now creating dynamic reel videos for our goals, promotions, and initiatives, spotlighting services every two weeks. This approach extends to SpaWest, known for massage therapy, facials, and wellness.

We are now adding PLG lead generation to gain new members for both businesses and to help StandOut over the competition.

Working with StandOut was wonderfully simple, even remotely. They conducted staff interviews and captured the essence of both facilities. The resulting videos are now cornerstone advertisements on platforms like Facebook.

I wholeheartedly recommend StandOut Marketing Pros to boost profitability. Their innovative strategies have positively impacted our facilities, and we anticipate continued success with their partnership."

Dee Dee Desidento - Owner Sports West & Spa West

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